Is China better than the ‘West’ for Africa’s development? with Dr. Miguel A. Rivera-Quiñones (ICDD Breakfast Talk 05.07.2018)



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During the last decade, the People's Republic of China has become an important player in development cooperation investment in the South Saharan African. China’s involvement in Africa generated two set of narratives that locates their cooperation as a constructive force for the region’s development, while other depicts these initiatives as forms of imperialism. Here I move beyond this dichotomy and analyze African’s policy maker’s perception of China's development assistance. The findings of the field research conducted in Zambia in 2016 shows, that China’s popularity among Zambian policy makers rest upon China’s bilateral understating of development cooperation and the flexibility that Chinese capitalism have to adapt to local elite’s interest. There is no doubt that there are winners and losers in this relation. However, the complexities of this relation are beyond simplistic narratives about new imperialisms or partners for development.

Miguel A. Rivera- Quiñones holds a PhD in International Relations from the University of Sussex in the area of Globalization and Development. For five years he taught at the school of Global Studies at the University of Sussex and for over a year at the M.A program in Governance and Development at the Institute of Development Studies (IDS) of the University of Sussex. Miguel has worked as a consultant in international development for several international organizations and conducted field research in Pakistan, Zambia, Argentina, Puerto Rico and Haiti. For the last three years Miguel has been based at the Political Science department at the University of Puerto Rico and has worked as consultant for several local development projects in Puerto Rico.

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