Fusion Heimat 16.12.20: Becoming Urban.



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Ringvorlesung Fusion: Heimat Dialoge - Becoming Urban: Strategies for the Non-Urban Architect.

Joshua Bolchover (Rural Urban Framework/University of Hong Kong) & Badruun Gardi (NGO)
Presentations and discussion

Across the world, urbanisation processes are extending into new territories, transforming contexts and creating unique spatial characteristics. Joshua Bolchover focuses on sites in the hinterlands and peripheral areas where the effects of urbanisation are beginning to take hold. His presentation will unpack the use of Frameworks as a methodology to bring the scale of the building and the scale of the territory together by describing three research agendas: The first explores the transformation of China’s countryside since economic reform and the contradictory forces of infrastructural development and bottom-up opportunism. The second, Border Ecologies, investigates the future of Hong Kong’s border with Mainland China by proposing an urban strategy for the Frontier Closed Area, a buffer zone created by the British in 1951. The third framework, Settling the Nomads, is located in the ger districts of Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia, which are extensive settlements of felt tents or gers, resulting from migration of rural nomads moving to the city.
The aim of each investigation is to allow us to view our urban world differently. Even though the speed and extent of urbanisation is accelerated in Asia, Europe is beset with its own issues: from shrinking cities; to contested borders; polarisation; and immigration. As these dynamics between our urban and rural world unfold, The Framework describes a method to engage these emerging challenges through design.

Joshua Bolchover is an Associate Professor at The University of Hong Kong. His current research focuses on sites that are in the process of becoming urban. He set up Rural Urban Framework with John Lin in 2005 with the emit to create a not-for-profit agency as a platform for design and research.

Badruun Gardi graduated in Psychology and Communication from Stanford University, is a Chairman of Smart Air Mongolia, to reduce air pollution, and Co-founder of GerHub, a nonprofit social enterprise that seeks to find innovative and creative solutions to some of the most pressing issues in the ger areas (a form of residential district) of Ulaanbaatar in Mongolia.


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