Medien Capitalist accumulation and the rural economy in Ghana´s Upper West Region - ICDD Ela Bhatt Professor Akua Britwum

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Pursuing the land-labour-livelihood debate, the presentation examines how rural agrarian economies have been shaped by their century long relations with gold mining centers in Ghana.

Akua Opokua Britwum, an Associate Professor and Director, of the Centre for Gender, Research, Advocacy and Documentation, University of Cape Coast Cape Coast, is visiting University of Kassel as an Ela Bhatt Professor. Her interests cover the economics of gender based violence, gender and land rights, informal economy workers’ organizing as well as trade union internal and gender democracy.

ICDD Public Talk recorded 7 DECEMBER 2016 at the International Center for Development and Decent Work, Kleine Rosenstr. 3, D-34117 Kassel:

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